Sugar, tea, meat and fish paste needed in June to replenish dwindling stocks

After an absence of several months, soup is back on our “most wanted” list of items for June – in this case, tinned and packet vegetable soup.

For the past 18 months we have been giving 60 tins each week to Croydon Nightwatch, whose volunteers give out food to homeless and vulnerable people every night in Queen’s Gardens, and this has seriously reduced our stock.

Other food items needed this month are jars of meat & fish paste, small bags of sugar, small packets of tea bags, small/medium tins of potatoes, and tins of dessert rice pudding. The three non-food items especially requested this month are unisex deodorant and shampoo and packs of toilet rolls.

We are so grateful for everyone’s continued generosity. To date, you have helped us provide food for 260,000 meals to hard-pressed clients and their families.