Site visits planned to ensure that we comply with Charity Commission rules

Thanks to our generous supporters the Food Hub has been able to support other charitable organisations with both cash and food items, says Trevor Jones, Chair of Trustees. He writes:

During the last financial year 2022/2023 we supported six partner organisations – Purley Food Stop, St Francis Food Stop, The Vine Foodbank, Happy Baby Community, Croydon Refugee Day Centre and Renew23 – with amounts totalling £32,280 and ranging from £10,142 to £1,482 (full details on page 6 of our 2022/2023 Annual Report).

In the current financial year 2023/2024 the Trustees increased the overall amount by around 15 per cent and added two more organisations to the list, Croydon Nightwatch and Fieldway Family Centre Food Stop.

At a recent Trustees meeting Annabel Wright, who has responsibility for financial oversight, pointed out that this financial support is now a significant part of our outgoings, and to ensure we are complying with Charity Commission requirements, we had to apply due diligence to our donations to others.

This is not to say that we have been giving to just anyone. As Chair I have visited the majority of the organisations we support, or they are trusted local charities which we have had a good relationship with since the Food Hub started in 2013, such as Nightwatch and Croydon Refugee Day Centre.

Therefore some of the Trustees have been allocated one of the organisations to visit and to complete a simple ‘audit’ based on the ‘Know your partner‘ questions the Charity Commission says we should ask in order to complete and record due diligence.

The purpose of the visits is not just to check on how our donations are being used, but also to see how we can continue to support these organisations and increase our support if it is affordable for the Food Hub.

I hope the Trustees will complete the visits and report back to the Board at either our March or May meeting in order that we can plan for the coming financial year 2024/2025.