Seven local organisations benefit from Food Hub supporters’ money donations

Following visits to most of the seven partner organisations supported by the Food Hub financially, the Trustees have agreed to increase the monthly support by 10 per cent to £3,784 each month, totalling £45,408 for the 12 months from June 2024.

Our partner organisations are Purley Food Stop, St Francis Food Stop, Fieldway Food Stop, The Vine Food Bank, Happy Baby Community, Croydon Refugee Day Centre and Renew 23.

The percentage figure applies to six of the seven. Renew 23 are outside of the increase agreed by the Trustees, but we continue to support them on receipt for the food they buy for their weekly café at Purley Baptist Church. Our overall support will be reviewed by the Trustees in May 2025, or earlier if needed.

Trevor Jones, Chair of Trustees, said: “We are very grateful to all our supporters for their generous donations of food, money or both. These enable the Food Hub to share all that God has blessed us with as we work with our partners to support people in food crisis.”

The Vine Food Bank in New Addington receives a monthly grant from the Food Hub and occasional donations of food. Trustee Annabel Wright said: “At a recent Trustees’ meeting we discussed falling stock levels at The Vine, coupled with the additional pressures of rising costs at their premises.

“A mixture of prayer and a small appeal resulted in an amazing response from some Purley residents: a full car of donations organised by Ms McC and her neighbours, and a cash sum of over £1,000 from Ms L-C.

“One recent donor commented: ‘We are always pleased to help the Food Hub. It doesn’t cost us much to add a few items to our shopping and, when a group of us do it together, it can quickly fill a car! We are also really happy for the Food Hub to use our donations wherever the demand lies. We are just pleased to help in any way we can.’

“This kind of collective endeavour reminds us of the importance of and power of community spirit.”