Low-salt alternatives to tinned meals proving hard to find while demand is increasing

food list november 2023

Microwave meals for toddlers aged 10months+ and 12months+ are at the top of the Food Hub’s list of items most needed for November.

They have been particularly highlighted by Louise Willmer, our Stock Controller, because of the higher number of families with young children being referred to us for help and the problems we are having in sourcing the items, even in the large supermarkets.

“We always try to give them out for younger children because of the high levels of salt contained in our tinned meals,” said Louise. “So if you see 10months+ and 12months+ microwave meals when you do your shopping, please consider buying one or two of these for us. Thank you very much.”

Other priority items needed at this time are cartons of longlife fruit juice & small bottles of squash, packet & tinned potatoes and 500g packets of sugar. Tins of dessert fruit and puddings, jellies & Angel Delight also feature on the list.

Three non-food items listed are toilet rolls, unisex deodorant and bars of soap.

Click here to view this month’s full list.

Donations can kindly be delivered to us on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 9.00am to 12.00midday at Purley United Reformed Church, 906 Brighton Road, Purley CR8 2LN, next to Purley Hospital. Or, if it is easier, you can drop them off at any of our local in-store and roadside collection points listed here.

Directly because of our supporters’ continued generosity, we have been able to provide food for more than 325,000 meals for 36,000 hard-pressed clients and family members going through a time of crisis. Thank you everyone!