Mystery friends make a huge difference – and that’s no secret

We always try to acknowledge every donation we receive – from individuals, families, schools, churches, businesses and community organisations alike.

At the Food Hub store at Purley URC we have a donations sheet for supporters to sign when they drop off food and money so that we can send a message of thanks afterwards. We also send out thank-you certificates for churches, schools, uniformed groups and others to pin up on their noticeboards.

However, there are some donors we can’t write to. There are a sizeable number of friends of the Food Hub who come regularly with donations but prefer not to sign our sheet and remain anonymous.

For example, last week one of our volunteers was on duty inside the Food Hub when the door bell rang. She said: “There was a frail elderly lady leaning against the door. She gave me an envelope and went on her way. Inside was £100 cash for the Food Hub. This wasn’t her first visit, as she had also come on a Monday before.”

So a big thank you to our mystery donor – and to all our anonymous friends. Each and every tin, jar, packet, bottle and cash contribution goes to help local people in crisis who are desperately struggling to get by.

We are hugely grateful to EVERYONE who donates food and money – anonymously or not!