Thanks to Morrisons staff and customers for long-term generosity and support

A special thank you to Morrisons at Five Ways, Croydon, who have been long-standing supporters of the Food Hub, particularly through their ‘pick up packs’ scheme which makes it easier for customers to donate food for local people in crisis.

The green pick up packs are prominently displayed at the entrance, at displays across the store and at the tills, with signs encouraging customers to join Morrisons in supporting local food banks and community groups.

We have our own collection basket at the store which our volunteer Brian empties every Monday, when he also collects a ‘cage’ of donations from the store itself and its customers. Often these include packs of overstocked items or out-of-season goods.

Brian said: “The bulk of the donations are the green pick up packs. These are packed by the staff, under the guidance of Tina, the store’s Community Champion, using our monthly ‘most needed’ food list as a guide.

“Thank you so much to Tina, all the Morrisons staff and management and to the store’s customers. Whichever way they give, they are so generous. I’ve even had people coming up to give donations as I have been loading the car!”

Tina, the Morrisons Community Champion, packs a full carload of the green bags ready for delivery to the Food Hub.