Your contributions also help support Purley Food Stop at Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church

Thank you so much to everyone who kindly responded to our July appeal for food donations.

As a result we not only had a good supply for our own clients but were also able to support Purley Food Stop at Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church, currently being very heavily used while still experiencing difficulty sourcing long life food to supplement the fresh and frozen food it offers.

Items we especially need during August please for hard-pressed clients and their families include small bottles of squash, cartons of long life fruit juice, small packets/boxes of tea bags, small jars of coffee, jars of jam and honey, and tinned meals suitable for vegetarians.

Also on our August most-wanted list are toddlers’ microwaveable meals and snacks, tinned and packet custard, unisex deodorant…and tin openers.
We are very grateful for your continued loyal support and generosity.

Donations can be brought to Purley United Reformed Church on Monday mornings between 9.00am and 12.00noon, or left at any of our other collection points.
Full details here.