Long life milk, packet soup sachets, peanut butter and paste jars most needed in July

With the school summer holidays soon upon us, the Food Hub’s July list of priority items reflects the challenge for clients with children entitled to free school meals of having to cope for several weeks without them.

“I suspect we may have more demand this summer from these families in hardship,” says our Stock Controller, Louise Willmer.

So our most-wanted list is once more topped by long life whole milk for clients’ children, followed by packets of soup containing individual sachets and jars of peanut butter and fish/meat paste.

Hot chocolate needing only water and small/medium-sized bottles of squash are again listed, along with children’s sweet and savoury treats; jellies, Angel Delight and other desserts; and tins of fruit.
Three non-food items among July’s priorities are: washing powder tablets, bars of soap and toilet rolls.

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We thank EVERYONE once again for your generous, ongoing support. To date, you have helped us provide food for 310,000 meals for hard-pressed clients and their families since we started in 2013.

Donations can kindly be brought on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings between 9.00am and 12.00midday to our base at Purley United Reformed Church, next to Purley Hospital. Alternatively, they can be dropped off at any of our local in-store and roadside collection points listed here.

As one grateful client told us after receiving their food delivery: “Thankyou so so much for such a huge parcel of help! My cupboards are stocked again when they were empty and the constant panic, about feeding my two bottomless pits of sons, has lessened a little! I cried when I saw it all! I just want you to know how appreciated you all are. We are very thankful. Much love xxx”