Cumnor House Girls deliver full minibus of goodies to the Food Hub.

Pictured left to right, Cumnor House Girls’ charity prefect Loveleen, deputy head girl Aleena and head girl Anoushka accompanied headmistress Amanda McShane to deliver a minibus full of food and other items to the Food Hub on Wednesday 9th June.

Their trip was the result of their latest charity day just before half term when in return for wearing pyjamas for the day, the 106 pupils brought in donations for the Food Hub.

Loveleen wrote afterwards: “The whole school came together and made an enormous effort in collecting all of these things from the pyjama day. It was truly amazing to see our whole stage filled with bags full of tins of meat and fruit, bags of sugar, tea bags, coffee, cup a soups, nappies and so much more. Our Cumnor families had been so generous.

“When we arrived at the Food Hub, we unloaded the minibus and unpacked all the bags into different categorised boxes and a volunteer explained to us how they deliver all of the food parcels to the people in need.

“It was good to see our Cumnor family donating to this cause and I hope we will be able to continue to help our local community. Remember, every person can make a difference!”