Stocks of sugar, tinned tomatoes and rice pudding now very low due to continued high demand

No one can quite remember it happening before, but during April we completely ran out of one of our major stock items for clients.

We are currently facing the same with two others, all the result of continued very high client numbers. So for May, we are making an urgent appeal please for donations of three top-priority items:

  • Small 500g bags of sugar after our supplies totally dried up last month, and
  • Tinned tomatoes and tinned rice pudding which are close to becoming completely depleted.

In addition, the other items on May’s list are:

  • Hot chocolate drinking requiring only water
  • Tins of dessert fruit
  • Microwave tray meals for toddlers
  • Bars of soap
  • Unisex shampoo and unisex deodorants
  • Washing powder tablets

Louise Willmer, our Stock Controller, says: “I want to thank all of our wonderful supporters – churches, schools, businesses, community organisations, etc, and many individuals and families – for your generous donations in April – these were so very much appreciated.

“Regrettably we continue to experience increased numbers of clients being referred to us for emergency food parcels, and this has left a big dent in areas of our stocks. The three items we have highlighted in red are either totally depleted or soon will be and so are this month’s top priorities.”