Most needed in January: milk, meat meals, peanut butter and hot chocolate

Thank you everyone for your magnificent response to our December appeal for Christmas goodies.

Your huge donations of mince pies, biscuits and children’s chocolate treats and desserts helped brighten up the festive season for our struggling clients and their families.

In January, it’s fully ‘back to basics’ with a long list of staple food items requested – headed by, once again, long life whole milk for clients’ children.

Tinned meat meals such as mince in gravy and chicken in sauce are asked for, along with jars of peanut butter and fish & meat paste, hot chocolate needing only water, 500g bags of sugar and savoury biscuits. Tinned pulses and microwavable meals for toddlers are also on the list.

Non-food items especially needed at this time are unisex shampoo, toothpaste and toilet rolls. Click here to view this month’s full list.

We are open to receive donations on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings between 9.00am and 12.00midday at our base at Purley United Reformed Church in Purley town centre (next to Purley Hospital). Or you can drop them off at any of our local in-store and roadside collection points listed here.

We continue to be so very grateful for everyone’s generosity, especially at this increasingly difficult time for so many. Over the past 10 years you have helped us to provide 285,000 meals to hard-pressed clients and their families. Thank you all.