Stocks of basics are running low after exceptional demand in December

We are hugely thankful to everyone who donated food and children’s festive treats from December’s most-wanted list – you have enabled us to help so many clients and family members over the Christmas period.

Due to the exceptionally high demand, however, we are now very short of the following eight items which are our priority items for donations please in January:

  • Long life whole milk
  • Small bags of sugar
  • Jars of peanut butter
  • Tinned meat meals (not spicy)
  • Packet soup
  • Small bottles of squash
  • Small washing up liquid and
  • Washing tablets/capsules

Click here to view or download this month’s full list.

If you are able to donate one or two items from the list, we – and our clients – will be so grateful.

Donations can be brought to Purley United Reformed Church (next to Purley Hospital) on Wednesdays from 5th Jan, Saturdays from 8th Jan and Mondays from 10th Jan, all 9.00am – 12.00midday.

Alternatively they can be left at any of our in-store and road collection points throughout Purley, South Croydon and Coulsdon. Full details here

Thank you everyone for your continued generosity.