Food parcels risk being contaminated, and shampoo bottles could be next to go

One product now missing from our monthly list of items needed for clients is shower gel. This is because we have found that bottles of gel are prone to leakage during delivery to clients’ homes and there is always a risk of contaminating other items in the bag.

Management Committee Chair Louise Willmer said: “We have made this change on a trial basis for several reasons. As well as the risk of leakage, it has also become rather expensive to buy.

“In addition, it contributes to the weight of already heavy bags for our drivers to deliver, sometimes up flights of stairs if clients live in a block of flats, or some distance away if parking is an issue. This is also why we ask for packets instead of tins for certain food items.

“While clients do receive a bar or bars of soap for their bathroom, we realise that some clients might experience dry skin, irritation or other problem from using soap.

“So shower gel will still be provided to any client who requests it.”

It is likely that later in the year we will be replacing shampoo bottles with shampoo bars for the same reasons, and we thank those supporters who have already started donating these instead of bottles.

Louise said: “It has shown us how easy they are to store and carry, with no plastic involved, which has to be an important environmental consideration.”

Meanwhile the Management Committee has decided to add kitchen cleaning materials to clients’ packages as a further way of supporting them and their families.

So as well as the washing-up liquid that we already provide, an extra bar of soap, J-Cloths and sponge scourers are now being added to regular food parcels.