March 9 date is part of this year’s Lenten project by Croydon Churches Forum

Each year Croydon Churches Forum produces the Transform Croydon prayer booklet which features a different ministry or service each day for the 40 days of Lent.

The Food Hub is one of two projects run by Churches Together in Purley and Kenley which are featured in the 2022 edition, with a day of prayer devoted to each. The second is the Renew 23 Wellbeing Café based at Purley Baptist Church.

Prayers for the Food Hub are asked for Wednesday 9th March, while prayers for Renew 23 are requested on Thursday 7th April. The booklet describes the work of these and other local organisations and also suggests specific points for prayer.

For the Food Hub, please pray for:

  • Our struggling clients and their difficult, often harrowing circumstances.
  • Opportunities to talk about our faith and to see people coming to know Jesus. This is not always easy when we have to keep our distance.
  • Continuing support through food and financial donations and our volunteer force, giving thanks to God for His mighty provision.
  • Our Client Support Volunteers who can signpost clients to organisations for extra help, and for our partner organisations, especially the Purley and St Francis Food Stops.
Click on the image to view or download the full booklet.
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