Who we help

We help people in crisis who are without food. Our clients may have become unemployed, are suffering illness or had a sudden, unexpected change in their circumstances at home. They may have had their benefits stopped and are going through the appeal process. A series of events coming together may have left them unable to buy food for their basic needs.


How we help

We provide a balanced diet of long life food for our clients to use to prepare meals at home.
We also seek to direct our clients to agencies which can give them further practical help. 


How we get the food

By generous donations from the local churches, schools, businesses, Rotary Clubs and Women’s Institutes and many individuals and families, and also from collections at supermarkets. Each month we draw up a food list of the items most needed for our clients. We are hugely grateful to all our many supporters.


How we give out the food

Food is given to clients who come to us with one of our food tickets - we are not a drop-in. Clients bring the ticket to our food distribution centre at Purley United Reformed Church in central Purley, where we make them welcome and provide food for 3 meals a day for 3 days for each member of their family.


How clients get food tickets

We have around 100 food ticket partners. These are agencies and professionals across the borough who work closely with people in crisis, and they refer clients to us by ticket. Our partners include job centres, teams and departments of Croydon Council, hostels and refuges, children’s centres and schools, and a wide range of voluntary care organisations.


Our Trustees and policies

Please click here to see our elected Trustees. The Trustees have drawn up policies covering health & safety, data protection, safeguarding, bullying & harassment and complaints & discipline. These are available on request to the Food Hub's Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..