Meat & fish paste and tinned meat meals also needed… but hold the hot dogs please

In May and June we provided a total of 800 cartons of milk to clients and their families.

Small wonder therefore that with the school summer holidays on the horizon, long life whole milk is once more at the top of our priority list of most-wanted items for July.

“As the school holidays approach we know there will be families that will struggle to feed their children and will rely on the Food Hub,” said Louise Willmer, our Stock Controller. “July’s food list reflects this need so that we can support these local families.”

As well as milk, our top 10 items include jars of meat & fish paste, tinned ready meat meals (but not hot dogs, thank you – we have plenty of these!) and tinned corned beef.

500g packets of pasta are also urgently needed along with medium-sized breakfast cereal, tinned tomatoes and packets of savoury biscuits. The two non-food items we particularly need are small bottles of washing up liquid and shampoo.

Thank you everyone for all the food, toiletries and household essentials you donated in June – your donations meant we could meet our own clients’ needs and still have enough to pass on to the local Food Stops at Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church, Purley, and St Francis Church, Monks Hill, Selsdon.

Click here to view this month’s full list.

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We warmly welcome donations delivered to us at Purley United Reformed Church, next to Purley Hospital in the town centre, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings between 9.00am – 12.00noon, or they can be dropped off at any of our local in-store and roadside collection points listed here.

It is directly because of the kind generosity of the Food Hub’ s supporters that we have been able to provide food for more than 355,000 meals for 39,500 people since we started in 2013. We say again: