What a star supporter – and big thanks to all the family! 

When Giselle, aged 9, woke up on Saturday morning, she had just one thought in mind: to fundraise and buy food for the Food Hub.

She set up a shop at home and sold some snacks, a DVD and some stationery to her Mum, Dad and sister and raised £4.50. Then she went online to find out what food we need this month and went with Mum to Coulsdon Aldi and bought two peanut butter, two packet soup, two tins of meatballs and two washing up liquid – a total of £4.48!

To round it all off, Giselle dropped the items off in the yellow bin in Mead Way – all by lunchtime.

“We donate regularly to the Food Hub and her school, New Valley Primary, has collections, but today it was Giselle’s idea,” said Mum Hannah. “I am so proud of her.”

Thank you so much, Giselle – you are our January ⭐Star⭐ Supporter! Thanks too for the photos – a brilliant all-round effort!