Novel online fundraiser sees family and friends donate £420 for supermarket sweeps. 

One of several carloads of supplies donated by Georgia's friends and family.

We’re often told that the pandemic means that we have to find new ways of doing things. One enterprising young Food Hub supporter has taken that message to heart – with spectacular results.

Georgia, 23, lives in Sanderstead and currently works at Purley Tesco. Using the power of social media she appealed for cash contributions from family and friends.

Her appeal was so successful that over consecutive Wednesdays in January and February Georgia and her dad did three major food shops, using our regular monthly list of Most Needed Items as a guide. Result: multiple carloads of food and toiletries delivered to the Food Hub and the prospect of more to come.

Georgia said: “I kept seeing stories about the huge rise in the demand for food banks during the pandemic, and with lockdown it’s unlikely that many people can get out and donate as they might normally do.

“So I thought it would be a lot easier for people to send me money directly and I could shop on their behalf and donate the items to the Food Hub. I promoted my idea on my Instagram page and Whatsapp group chats with a suggested donation of £3, the price of a cup of coffee.

“I was overwhelmed with the generosity of my lovely friends and family and raised a total of £420. I did think about donating the money directly but decided I would enjoy it much more if I was able to choose the items myself and see what the money was going towards, and also send pictures of what we bought to those who had donated.

“Hopefully my efforts encourage others in the future to do the same, as it’s so important to support the local community. One of my friends did the same in her local area in Buckinghamshire after seeing the success I had with donations, and she raised over £800! I look forward to doing lots more collections like this in the future.”

Our heartfelt thanks to Georgia and her family and friends. Thank you all very much indeed.