Thank you to Towergate Insurance Riskline and Altera Digital Health

A big thank-you to the staff of Towergate Insurance Riskline in Croydon and Altera Digital Health in Kenley for their donations this week.

Karina who organised the Towergate collection (pictured) says: “With the ever growing financial pressures everyone’s facing we wanted to find a way to give back to those most in need in our local community.

“Not only were we inspired by the Food Hub being run solely by volunteers, the fact you provide those in financial crisis with food and toiletry packages but also you were providing 60 tins of vegetable soup a week to Croydon Nightwatch to help feed the homeless. It shows the never ending kind hearts this charity operates with.

“We decided to run a five-day collection asking our team to donate £1 or an item from the ‘most needed’ list – as every little donation would help to make a difference to a local member of our community.

“With the aim of raising £200 and collecting 60 tins of vegetable soup, we were overwhelmed with the generosity of those working in the office as well as from home and were able to collect 180 food/toiletry items and, with our donations being matched by our organisation, a fab £931.

“Such a special organisation who continue to go above and beyond for those in most need – it’s just heartbreaking so many families still need this support despite us being in 2022. Keep up the amazing work you do!”

And Linzi from Altera explains: “Altera Digital Health is a global healthcare IT provider, and in the UK we work in partnership with the NHS. I am the volunteer community give back co-ordinator and co-ordinated the donation of groceries to six food banks, including the Food Hub. At our staff day this month we asked staff to donate food, together with a shop supplied by Altera. The staff then portioned out everything to six boxes ready for donation.”