Neighbours flock to Jill’s garage as weekly collections idea takes off

Until the pandemic, Food Hub supporter Jill made her food donations each month through Kenley Flyers WI, so last spring when Lockdown 1 put a stop to the Flyers meeting together she had to rethink.

She knew we would be facing increased demand for weekly food parcels and came up with the idea of collecting items from her neighbours in Cumberlands, a cul-de-sac off Kenley Lane. Through the road’s WhatsApp group she asked if anyone would join her family in collecting for the Food Hub and a few¬†households came forward, agreeing on a weekly collection.

So each Monday Jill sends a message to the group reminding them to add a few items to their weekly shopping order and leaves her garage open on Tuesday from 12noon – 9pm to receive the donations. She delivers the bags to the Food Hub on Wednesday morning (yesterday’s donation pictured) and follows up with a thank-you message to¬†the residents.

The original few has now grown to 20 of the 49 households, with others donating occasionally. Jill prints off our monthly food list and delivers it with a handwritten note thanking everyone “for your continuing support.” She says, “We are delighted to be able to support families going through such hard times, while at the same time fostering neighbour togetherness.”