Festive items needed as well as regular list of basic foods

Our December list of items most needed for our clients is a list of two halves. 

The first part features six of our regular requests: cartons of long life whole milk, tins of chicken, ham & corned beef, packets of dried potato, tins of peas & carrots, tinned dessert fruit, and tinned or packet custard.

The second part focuses on four Christmas items especially for our clients’ children:

  • Christmas treats of chocolates/sweets
  • Alternative desserts to Christmas pudding
  • Biscuits – sweet or savoury
  • Christmas crackers

The idea for splitting the list to prioritise clients’ children came after one of our children’s Nursery supporters asked for a specific area of donations to concentrate on this Christmas.

“We thought it was a really good idea, so we have adopted it more generally for this month’s list,” says Louise Willmer, Acting Chair of the Management Committee. “I hope our donors and supporters may consider selecting one of these Christmas items as part of their donation.”