Call goes out to new Prime Minister for action to end the need for food banks

IFAN, the Independent Food Aid Network (to which Purley Food Hub is affiliated), is gathering signatures for a letter to the new Prime Minister calling for urgent action to end the need for food banks.

The letter, written jointly with the Trussell Trust and Feeding Britain, says people already unable to afford food are being hit the hardest by relentless rises in energy, food and travel costs: “Every day we meet people who are skipping meals so they can feed their children and turning off their cooker or fridge so they can cover other essential costs … and the next 12 months look bleaker still.”

The letter continues: “No one should have to turn to charity to feed themselves and their families,” and calls on the new Premier to take urgent action “to end the need for charitable food aid by ensuring everyone has enough income, from work and social security, to buy the essentials.”

If you wish to consider signing the IFAN letter, please click here.