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Most needed in June

Huge thanks – 1,280 times over – to everyone who kindly answered our urgent appeal in May for bags of sugar and tinned tomatoes and rice pudding.

In total we received 335 bags of sugar, 550 tins of tomatoes and 395 tins of rice pudding – a magnificent response to replenish our empty shelves.

Louise Willmer, our Stock Controller, says: “Thank you for the amazing response to last month’s appeal. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped fill the gaps in our stocks and so ensure we can continue to supply a balanced range of food to our clients and their children.”

In June our Top 10 priority items are headed by cartons of long life whole milk, packets of soup containing individual sachets, tinned meat meals such as chicken in white sauce and Irish stew and tinned vegetarian meals. Small jars of coffee are also on the list along with small or medium-sized bottles of squash.

We completely ran out of squash at our session on 27th May and needed to go out to buy some more.

In addition in June, we need chocolate treats for clients’ children, and there are three non-food items on the list: unisex shower gel, toilet rolls and washing powder tablets.

  Click here to view this month’s full list 

As always, we are very pleased to receive donations on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings between 9.00am and 12.00midday to our base at Purley United Reformed Church in Purley town centre (next to Purley Hospital). Or you can drop them off at any of our local in-store and roadside collection points listed here.

Thank you again, everyone, for your continued generous support. In the 10 years since we started in 2013 you have helped us provide food for 300,000 meals for local people and families going through real hardship.


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Discover more about the three main ways you can support the Food HubGIVE FOOD through our network of collection points, VOLUNTEER to work behind the scenes, and/or DONATE MONEY for the Food Hub to purchase supplies.

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